Sergei Ilinov.

Sergey Iljinov In 1981 Sergey Iljinov graduated from music school as a classical guitarist. From 1983-1988 he worked as vocalist and a bass-guitarist in numerous Moscow clubs. In 1988 he organized "THE CONFIDENCE SERVISE" ("Slujba doveria") a musical studio-theatre. From 1990-1992 he worked as a DJ for Prestige radio in Moscow. In 1992 he started working as an engineer for radio-station "Silver Rain" (Serebrianniy dojd) and later became the radio station's sound-operator. Sergey was one of the founders of "Silver Rain" . His first "FANTASY" CD-album was recorded in "Silver Rain" recording studio and published by the most-known russian recording firm "Studia Sojuz "(Studio "Union"). From 1998-2005 he worked as a sound operator and composer For BBC MPM (later - FNR) in Moscow

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